Comfort Cat Window Perch

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Does your cat feel anxious while going on long travel trips with you? Studies have shown that cats get upset and restless in a moving car very easily. Your cat deserves more comfort alone this long trip.
Introducing our cat travel hammock bed - it instantly suctions to any window, offering a comfy and secured perch for your cat to sleep beneath warming sunbeams, while staying off furniture. The best part is the stability of the bed. Your cat won't feel any drastic movements and enjoy laying in the comfy hammock. Imagine yourself on a high speed bullet train where you don't feel the high speed and enjoy the experience. And of course it can be mounted on any windows.

Cat window perch travel:

It offers sanctuary for multiple cats. Measuring 68 cm x 28 cm and holds up to 15kg. Get yours today before it's gone!

Product material:

Oxford cloth Nylon PP PVC
Item Type: Pet Beds , Sofas, Toys
Wash Style: Hand Wash
Pattern: Solid
Bearing Weight: 15kg(44lb)
Product Size: 68cm x 28cm