DC electric submersible pump

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Mini bilge pump (Bilge Pump) is also called micro submersible pump, "micro DC submersible pump", "12V micro submersible pump" and so on. . Because it is DC powered, it is often referred to as a "DC bilge pump". It is usually placed on the bilge of cruise ships, fishing boats and other ships to remove bilge water in time. It is usually submerged in water. Usually 12V or 24V DC power supply, marine batteries and other power supply.

There is an impeller inside the miniature bilge pump, which rotates at high speed after being energized, and quickly throws out water near the impeller, thereby forming a vacuum (negative pressure) near the impeller. The external atmospheric pressure and this real space create a pressure difference. The nearby water is pressed into the submersible pump through the water inlet, and then thrown out. At the same time, the external water is sucked in ........ With the "float switch", the water can be automatically activated at the bottom of the ship to a warning level Miniature submersible pump drains water; when the water level drops to a low warning level, the power is automatically cut off to stop the microsubmersible pump to avoid dry burning.