Pet Backpack Portable Breathable Cat Bag

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1. Made of high-quality materials, durable, breathable and comfortable.
2. Transparent design, let your pet see the sunshine and scenery of the world from the outside. There are several vents on the side of the backpack to provide adequate air circulation for your pet to breathe comfortably.
3. Integrated fixed locking mechanism to prevent pets from jumping, getting lost or injuring. The bottom of the detachable soft carpet is easy to clean and more hygienic.
4. Soft zipper, easy to open and close, durable and practical.
5. The widest ergonomic shoulder strap allows you to easily carry pets. Its perfect for traveling, walking, hiking and outing.

Material: Acrylic, EVA
Suitable for: cats and dogs
Color: black pink gray blue
Large size: 42*26*35cm after installation
42*26*7cm after storage
Small size: 36*22*20cm after installation
36*22*7cm after storage

Package Content:
1x bag